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Conference on Democratizing Food Governance

Isara-Lyon will take part in the conference on Democratizing Food Governance in Roma, the 14th of October.


Une école d'ingénieurs Agronomie, Alimentation et Environnement

Study at ISARA-Lyon to find a job in agricultural, food and environmental sectors in France and abroad.

Skills and services to meet the needs of companies and professional organizations

A close collaboration with companies, professional organizations, local governments…

A privileged relation between Alumni network and students

Applied research activities to meet the agricultural and food challenges

Projects focus on agroecology and sustainable food systems


14 October 2016
Conference on Democratizing Food Governance in Roma

Conference on Democratizing Food Governance, Roma, 14th October 2016

Isara-Lyon with the chair : "Actors in value chains and territorial oriented agriculture"

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