International conference and workshop on agroecology in ISARA-Lyon, France

International conference and workshop on agroecology in ISARA-Lyon, France

The association Agroecology Europe is planning, in including other NGOs, to organise the first Agroecology Europe conference, to take place from 25-27 October at ISARA, in Lyon (France).
Agroecology Europe aims to promote agroecology in the farming and food sector and in wider society.

Logo Agroecology Europe

The association Agroecology Europe was created in 2016 in order to amplify the role of agroecology on the European agenda for sustainable farming and food systems.

It intends to foster interactions between various stakeholders such as scientists, practitioners, social movements, civil society and policy makers, by facilitating knowledge sharing and common action.

It aims at the creation of an inclusive European community of professionals, practitioners, and more generally societal stakeholders interested in agroecology.



Aim and Scope of the Conference
The conference intends to bring together actors from a wide horizon, willing to share their views and knowledge to design the agricultural and food systems of tomorrow. Tackling challenges related to global changes, environmental issues, consumer and citizen expectations require new knowledge and progress in agroecology.

Therefore, innovation is required to develop integrative approaches which bridge existing gaps, to integrate different forms of knowledge from a broad variety of stakeholders, to create new initiatives, and to formulate policy recommendations for new pathways towards sustainable agricultural and food systems.

Some first information about the conference

– Structured to be very interactive, combining different approaches and types of activities for stimulating discussions.

– The conference aims to attract different types of stakeholders from the three main components of agroecology: movement, science, and practice.

–  Location: ISARA, in Lyon (France).

– Different sessions (also in parallel) organised as plenary sessions and panel discussions, workshops, World Cafe, Topic Cafes, Open space, Partnering events …



Themes under consideration for the different sessions

Some of the themes under consideration, as well as for poster sessions, include:

– Sharing successful practices and initiatives and experiences

– Transitions to agroecological practices and systems

– Promoting synergies between movements and scientists

– Transforming our food systems

– Agroecology for Food Security in the Global South

– Agroecology and Food Sovereignty

– Agroecology and climate change adaptation and mitigation

– Training and Education in Agroecology

– Young agroecologists: trajectories and professionalisation

– Policies for Agroecology

– Convergence of organic agriculture and agroecology?

– Current and future challenges for agroecological practices

– Agroecology and Technology (non GMO Technology)

– Ecological and economic strategies of agroecology

– Performances of agroecological systems and their evaluation indicators: from field to food (quality management)

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