I loved the education I got at ISARA and the experiences I had exploring Lyon.


Schuyler American Exchange Student


Frequently asked questions

1st year admissions: how do the dossier and the interview respectively weigh ?

The dossier is worth 60% and the oral interview is worth 40% of the total grade.


Which degrees are necessary to apply to ISARA-Lyon Engineering Degree?

To apply in the first year: at minimum a diploma of end of secondary education in sciences.

To apply in the fourth year: at minimum a Bachelor of Science in Life sciences, Agricultural sciences, Food sciences, Environmental sciences, or any related field.


Are there student residence halls on ISARA-Lyon campus?

No but ISARA-Lyon cooperates with public and private residence halls in Lyon (pre-booked apartments, lower administrative expenses at the entrance):


Is there any student restaurant close to the campus?

The Student restaurants operated by the CROUS are located witin 10 minute walking from ISARA-Lyon

A snack bar is also available within ISARA-Lyon premises and the students lobby is equipped with fridges and micro-wave ovens.


I will be abroady when the admission interviews will take place, how can I organize?

Phone or skype interviews can be organized in this case.


What is the minimum language requirements for international students?

B2 level in French


08 June 2017
Agroecology Internationnal Summer School

Summer School ISARA-Lyon

Students of the summer school in Sustainable Agriculture & Food System !!

25 October 2017
International conference and workshop on agroecology in ISARA-Lyon, France

International conference and workshop on agroecology in ISARA-Lyon, France

The association Agroecology Europe is planning, in including other NGOs, to organise the first Agroecology Europe conference, to take place from 25-27 October at ISARA, in Lyon (France).
Agroecology Europe aims to promote agroecology in the farming and food sector and in wider society.

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