Higher Education Institution Agronomy, food, environment


We develop international education and research projects in agroecology and sustainable food systems.


Marine Pobel Head of International Relations Department


ISARA-Lyon is equipped with modern scientific and technical laboratories at the disposal of the students and the companies.

The pilot-scale food plant of 600m² offers a high modularity to create the production line adapted to the companies' needs.




The laboratory of Microbiology : analysis and identification of germs (pathogens and non-pathogens) present in food produce.

The laboratory of analytical chemistry : support to teaching and research. Equipped with any necessary material to the chemical analysis of any sample from living organisms (spectrophotometer, gas and liquid chromatographs, mass spectrometer)

The laboratory for Automatics & Process monitoring : a resource center for automation techniques, food processing, quality control.


The laboratory of Biology and biotechnologies : oriented towards teaching in biology and agronomy.

The laboratory of Physics : studies of thermodynamics, hydraulics, industrial electricity.

The laboratory of agroecology : host most of the research analyses made by the Department Agroecology and Environment (physico-chemical analysis of water, soil, plant samples, determination of phytoplankton and water macro-invertebrates)

The laboratory of cell biology : used only for research activities (microscopic observation of cells, cell culture)

The water experimentation room : 6 basins in closed circuit with temperature control serve for studies on fish farming (food and fish growth tests for instance)


Sophie Rotteleur

International Relations Department

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