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Agroecological Practices - Publication ISARA-Lyon - FAO

European agricultural policies and agroecological practices... Agricultural production should provide sufficient food for the world’s population while being economically beneficial for farmers, environmentally friendly, and socially acceptable.

This publication was funded and written under the guidance of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), Rome, Italy. The authors and ISARA Lyon, France, acknowledge and greatly appreciate this support. 

The ongoing rapid growth in world population imposes a continual pressure to produce sufficient food. Compared to today, additional two billion people are forecasted to reach a world population of up to 9.1 billion in 2050 (United Nations 2009)....

Agroecological Practices - examples from France and Europe Wezel et al 20146
Agroecological Practices - examples from France and Europe Wezel et al 20149

...Although the Green Revolution provided a significant increase in food production, the intensification of food production has also led to negative externalities such as biodiversity loss (Millennium Ecosystem Assessment 2005), human health issues (e.g. food contamination with pesticides, health problems of farmers due to pesticide application), and eutrophication of lakes, rivers, and sea areas, observed, for instance, along the Brittany coasts, France (Ménesguen and Piriou 1995, European Communities 2002)...