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Christophe David Vice-Dean


PhD in microbiology and Food Science. Professor. Fermentation, lactic acid bacteria, typicity of traditional foods, dairy and bread products.
EXPERTISE: Influence of microorganisms, namely lactic acid bacteria, in the development of organoleptic characteristics of fermented food products.



Microbial ecology, fermented food products, dairy products, lactic acid bacteria, microbial ecology, raw milk, sensory analysis

Laboratory BioDyMia Unit



  • Influence of Natural starters on the quality of traditional food products; effect on typicity and bioprotection.
  • Development of lactic acid bacteria strains dedicated to the improvement of pastry products
  • Development of microbial approaches to characterise the quality of raw milks
  • Origin of Pseudomonas contaminations in small scale dairy plants



Teacher and researcher in microbiology, food technology and sensory analysis

From 2003 to now: Teacher and researcher in microbiology, food technology and sensory analysis in ISARA-Lyon, an engineer school. 2010: leader of the food microbiology lab. Research work: study of the natural starters used to make fermented food products, in particular natural whey starters and sourdoughs. Influence of the adventitious bacteria found in raw milks on the quality of cheeses.

2013: HDR (autorisation to manage PhD students): Research work: Microbial ecosystems from cheeses.

1998-2002: R&D engineer in the dairy plant « L’Armoricaine Laitière » (France). Research work: Identification of the parameters involved in the development of quality defects appearing in the core Grana type cheeses: undesired coloration, elastic texture, empyreumatic aroma.

January, 1991: Engineer in agriculture (Ecole Supérieure d’Ingénieurs et de Techniciens Pour l’Agriculture, ESITPA, France). Research work: Comparison of the buffer ability of two different milks (INRA de Jouy en Josas).

September, 1991: Master in Microbial Ecology (Université Claude Bernard Lyon I, France). Research work: Study of the growth and acidification of Lactococcus strains cultured in two different standardized milks (INRA de Jouy en Josas).

Last Publications  


  • Demarigny Y, Soldat V, Gemelas L (2015) From Streptococcus lactis to Lactococcus lactis: A qualitative and quantitative analysis of the scope of research undertaken around a microbial concept. Journal of Scientometric Research, 4(2), 61-69. DOI: 10.4103/2320-0057.167247.Gemelas L, Degraeve P,
  • Demarigny Y,  Gemelas L, Degraeve P (2014) The Citrate Metabolism in Homo- and Heterofermentative LAB: A Selective Means of Becoming Dominant over Other Microorganisms in Complex Ecosystems. Food and Nutrition Science, 5 :953-969.
  • Demarigny Y, Gerber P (2014) Usefulness of natural starters in food technology. Food and Nutrition Science, 5, 1679-1691.
  • Demarigny Yann (2012) Invited review: Fermented food products made with vegetable materials from tropical and warm countries: microbial and technological considerations. International of Food Science and Technology, 47 : 2469-2476.
  • Demarigny Y, Dalmasso M, Tonleu A, Rigobello V, Beuvier E, Ly-Chatain MH, Bouton Y (2011) Influence of the backslopping practice on the microbial diversity of the Lactococcus population in a model cheesemaking. Food and Nutrition Science, 2(6) : 133-144.



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