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Classes include many case studies, and the close cooperation with companies is essential for students’ professional insertion.


Octavio Engineer exchange student, Mexico


The curriculum is punctuated with several internships to support the professionalization of the students.

Professional internships

Several internships punctuate the curriculum. They are a unique occasion to face the technical, economic and social realities of the professional life, and to implement and experiment the knowledge and methods acquired during the classes.

At the end of the 1st and 2nd year students do their internships on farms, and during their 4th year in a company or a professional organization.

The Master's thesis (6 months during the 5th year) can be carried out at a company, a professional organization, a non-profit organization or a research centre.

All of them can take place in another country.

Students' testimonies

Laura, internship, Malta - Department of Research specialized in the conservation biology of marine species

"My main assignment: carry out snorkelling at different locations of Malta Islands to inventorize the marine species living along the coasts. I have become aware of how important it is to respect and protect our environment!" 


Charles LAMBERT Stage Perou

Charles, internship, India - Inventory of the species living in the jungle

"I was among 12 Isara students participating to this internship! We had to inventorize the species (mainly birds and butterflies) living in the jungle, learn Indian agricultural traditions and techniques. This experience made us want to set off again!"


Guillaume, internship, New Zealand - National Research Centre on pastoral agriculture


"I made my 4th year internship in a New Zealand national research centre on pastoral agriculture. I already have a deep knowledge of French agriculture as a son of farmers and thanks to my classes at ISARA.

This wonderful internship made me want to discover the world. I am thus eagerly expecting my study abroad experience in Berlin. My classes will be focused on agricultural economics and international plant production. This experience in short: discovering interculturality.


Nina, internship in Togo - NGO GAVISA TOGO


"I made my internship on a farm belonging to the NGO GAVISA TOGO, in the city of Kpalimé. My subject was: "to promote organic agriculture in Togo as an alternative for the development". I worked on tomato plants in the garden of the farm with young people from Togo and a German trainee. This experience enabled me to discover a wealthy country,  through its culture, its population happy with what it own, and its lust for life."


Adelyne, internship in Shanghaï - Strategy and sales development of French wines

"Discovering Asian culture and the huge Chinese wine market! Represent France, its values and its terroir, abroad.  Thanks to this experience, I acquired a growing adaptability and open mind! "