Examination and grading systems

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Examination and grading systems

Exams and grading system


Examination system

The semester is made of several program units (UP). Each UP is made of seperate course units (UE).

The examination system at ISARA-Lyon is composed of:

  • a continuous assessment of the knowledge and skills acquired, through graded oral presentations, practicals, submitted papers and/or attendance or participation
  • a final examination of each course unit

The detailed examinations relating to each course are indicated in the syllabus. They may include:

  • oral examinations
  • written examination
  • graded tutorial / practical works
  • report on group works

Examinations are offered in the language of instruction of each course.

The Grading system

ECTS credits indicate the student workload for each course. One full-time academic year represents 60 ECTS, made of 2 semesters of 30 ECTS each. Credits are granted for completed course.

The grading scale

French Grade


ECTS Grade

16 to 20

EXCELLENT – Outstanding performance with only minor weaknesses


14 to 15.9

VERY GOOD – Above the average standard but with some weaknesses


12 to 13,9

GOOD – generally sound work with a number of significant weaknesses


11 to 11,9

SATISFACTORY – fair but with significant shortcomings


10 to 10,9

SUFFICIENT – performance meets the minimum requirements for acceptance


8 to 9,9

FAIL – some additional work is required before the credits can be awarded



FAIL – considerable additional work is required


The student validates a course unit if he/she obtains at least 10/20 as an average of the whole course unit, taking into account the percentage of the final grade allocated to each evaluation.



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