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Lyon is the perfect city in which to be an international student, and it was wonderful to be able to study what I love in such a specialized institute.


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Summer school field trip

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When wild troopers are the best allies

On a field trip, ISARA Summer School students met a market gardener on his farm: Dominique Viannay.

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Dominique is not like the other market gardeners. Fascinated by insects since childhood, he is now using this passion and knowledge to manage his farm and his cropping system with new and efficient biological control methods. This field trip was the opportunity for ISARA Summer School students to discover the different agroecological infrastructures and practices implemented by the market gardener on his farm to favor local population of pest natural enemies, these wild troopers he needs to protect his crops from pests. They also visited the greenhouses used by Dominique to rear himself these precious allies for pest control.

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 This farm visit was an opportunity for Dominique and the international students to share and compare their experiences, knowledge about biological control practices in different part of the world. An “insect hunting party” ended the visit and allowed the students to assess insect diversity on the farm especially diversity in natural enemies. 



* Biological control is a method to control pest population using natural enemies (known as « biological control agents »), i.e. predators, parasitoids and pathogens.

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