Agroecology Summer School

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Lyon is the perfect city in which to be an international student, and it was wonderful to be able to study what I love in such a specialized institute.


Theo American Summer School Student

Agroecology Summer School

Agroecology Summer School : a comprehensive programme of French language lessons and scientific courses on Agroecology in English, excursions and hands-on learning opportunities in Lyon.

International Summer School Agroecology - June 13 - July 17, 2019 in Lyon France

Our Agroecology summer school is open to international undergraduates in Lyon.


Make the world your classroom. Perfect your intercultural skills while savoring the beauty of Lyon and what its surroundings have to offer.

Student accommodation as well as Isara-Lyon are in the heart of town, enabling easy access and multiple opportunities to discover different facets of the city.

Academic program (In English) - Sustainable agriculture and Food Systems

Coursework consists of lectures, case studies, field work, excursions (Fish pond landscape, mixed crop livestock systems in mountains areas and conservation biological control in vegetal production), usue of geographical information system, economics, agronomy and ecology, traditional food systems, local food supply chains, personal reserach study

Lingustic and Cultural Program - French langage and Culture

Visits and events :

  • Lyon, UNESCO World Heritage site
  • Vallee du rhône Vineyards
  • Cheese makers in the Alps
  • Regional companies & industries
  • Chocolate factory
  • tasting and cooking of traditional French foods
  • 2 days in paris


IPL international Summer school 2018 - watch the video !


Testimonials of our summer school students 

"Visiting the Savoie region was one of my favourite activities of the summer program. We had the opportunity to visit different farms and learn more about dairy, pork and vegetables production in France. Sleeping in a stunning castle in the middle of the mountains hosted by a family who was passionate about taking care of the environment was beautiful. Swimming in a lake surrounded by the breathtaking Alps with my ISARA friends is going to be hard to forget. Overall, it was an enlightening experience filled with fun moments and interesting testimonies from passionate agriculture experts", Students from University of British Columbia in Vancouver.


« Visiting Dominique‘s farm was amazing and inspiring. It was a great experience to see agroecological practices in a real successful farm. Besides practicing insect sampling methods and identification, I also found very useful to learn the methods to evaluate the biodiversity level of a farm », student from Mendelova University in Czech Republic

"I enjoyed very much the excursions organised by Isara-Lyon..."

Musée des Beaux-Arts

"I wanted to experience french culture and how agriculture here is different from back home..."


"I wanted to practice my french and see how the european and the french approach engineering..."

"A perfect programm that complement my education at home..."

"Pleasure..", "Great opportunity..", "Wonderful connection..."

Application and admission procedure and deadline:

You can register online until April,15 in 2019 :

Registration fees :

Registration fees: 3 950 €

--> For Partner Universities: 2 150€




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